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  Some of you may have watched the recent show aired on PBS, “Parrot Confidential.”  For some it was the first time they saw into the world that is “Avian.”  For others, it merely confirmed, in some ways, the current plight of the domestic and wild parrot population. I have been fortunate to share my home with an Umbrella Cockatoo for 12 years.  I was one that plunged into the world that is “Parrot” with […]

being a part

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What an honor to be a part of a worthy cause! A group of determined people wanted to help The Parrot Posse saddle up for the next ride!  What did they do?  Well, thanks to the magnificent art and skills of Diane McKinney, The Posse was able to auction off a magnificent quilt! My awesome Umbrella Cockatoo (Ze’, named after an awesome Bar in Buzios, Brazil, the Bar dos Ze; was honored as the official […]

The Posse Rides!

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Imagine, if you would, one petite lady, Judith Archer, and her band of merry parrot crusaders making this world a better place for the multitude of parrots abandoned, neglected, abused, lost and alone!  Judith Archer has dedicated her life to helping parrots in need.  Many of you do not realize the plight these magnificent parrots are in.   So many people have taken in these parrots without the education and understanding of what it takes […]

torn and confused

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  Recently, I experienced my first major Facebook encounter of a “not so nice” nature.  My words were misconstrued, as well as my intent.  I can’t really say how or why it happened, but it centered on my major passion, which is my love of parrots.   Few people realize the crisis that is going on in the avian community.  Literally there are hundreds of thousands of parrots needing rescue, a new home, or a safe […]