Simple Pleasures

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It is the simple pleasures in life that bring me joy.  Watching a Carolina Chickadee build a nest, birds feeding and foraging, and cardinals enjoying a bath….

IMG_3189 IMG_3159 IMG_3163 IMG_3177 IMG_3186 IMG_3200 IMG_3207

The Author

I am on a journey of discovery. One that involves discovering the world around me and discovering myself. I have found that using a camera is making this process of discovery much more enjoyable. I trust you will enjoy it as well. My passion for all animals knows no bounds, but it is the parrot that has caught my heart! I am now involved in a campaign to help bring parrots in the wild back into their normal existence! The Indonesian Parrot Project is first on my list, and with a little help from our friends we will bring the Abotti Cockatoo back into a full, strong life in their natural habitat.


  1. Terri says

    Some days I feel like doing exactly the same thing – sitting in the water and fluffle-ing ( yes, fluffle-ing) my feathers!

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