What is your window?

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Bald Head Island NC / Contentment / difference / light / Photography / Random Acts of Kindness / Random views of Nature / world view

I tend to view the world from behind my lens, framing things as they come into view.  How do you view your world?  What is beyond that window you are looking through?  Windows can be found in many shapes, sizes and forms.  It is what we do when we look through those windows that helps us stand apart and make a difference!  J.H.HiltonWindow2 Window1

The Author

I am on a journey of discovery. One that involves discovering the world around me and discovering myself. I have found that using a camera is making this process of discovery much more enjoyable. I trust you will enjoy it as well. My passion for all animals knows no bounds, but it is the parrot that has caught my heart! I am now involved in a campaign to help bring parrots in the wild back into their normal existence! The Indonesian Parrot Project is first on my list, and with a little help from our friends we will bring the Abotti Cockatoo back into a full, strong life in their natural habitat.

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