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I had the honor and privilege of attending a workshop conducted by David Blevins during this past weekend (http://www.blevinsphoto.com/).  This is the third time I’ve had the honor of learning from him, and each time just gets better and better!

Initially, I thought all I would learn was skills to help me in my quest to become a better photographer.  I find it ironic, however, that the more time I spend with David, not only do I learn more about photography, I learn more about life.

David teaches you to “stop, look and listen”, not just point and shoot.  He encourages you to scope out your area, define the picture and then determine the best way to capture the image.  By doing this, you are better equipped to get your message across.

I am learning that this lesson applies in life as well.  We all need to “stop, look and listen”, and figure out exactly what it is we are trying to capture and accomplish.

Learning these skills, not only as it relates to photography, but also as it relates to life in general is very hard.  I am finding that these hard lessons we learn not only serve to make us better photographers, but better people as well.

Thank you David, for you have enriched my life in more ways than you shall ever begin to imagine!




  1. Kim Hawks says

    Indeed, this is true. I, too, am processing photographic and personal lessons learned from this past weekend.

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