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Avian / Avian Rescue / Parrots

What an honor to be a part of a worthy cause!

A group of determined people wanted to help The Parrot Posse saddle up for the next ride!  What did they do?  Well, thanks to the magnificent art and skills of Diane McKinney, The Posse was able to auction off a magnificent quilt!

My awesome Umbrella Cockatoo (Ze’, named after an awesome Bar in Buzios, Brazil, the Bar dos Ze; was honored as the official ticket picker!  He stepped up to the challenge and cause like the Man he is!

I am humbled by the overwhelming response, and the fact that we were able to raise funds that will eventually be used to aid Parrots in need!

Being a part of something you believe in is the best reward of all!

And yes, Ze’ would be happy to pull raffle tickets for any of your worthy causes as he now has the “fever”!

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