The Posse Rides!

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Imagine, if you would, one petite lady, Judith Archer, and her band of merry parrot crusaders making this world a better place for the multitude of parrots abandoned, neglected, abused, lost and alone!  Judith Archer has dedicated her life to helping parrots in need.  Many of you do not realize the plight these magnificent parrots are in.  

So many people have taken in these parrots without the education and understanding of what it takes to make a home for these parrots.  We have taken them out of their natural habitat, and sadly, in so many instances, subjected them to a life of neglect, and often abuse.

How many times have I read where people will say, “Oh this is such a MEAN bird”.  Well, clip your wings, stuff you in a cage, subject you to an “unnatural” diet (when all you want to do is fly free and happy), and how would you react?

A wonderful artist, Diane McKinney has created a beautiful work of art, featuring macaws, and is offering it for auction all to help make a better home for these wonderful birds.

This awesome quilt is available by auction, and we hope it fills the Posse coffers so they can ride again to save the day!

If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, you only need to follow the link to:

to have a chance of owning this magnificent work of art!

You can also find the awesome work that goes on within this band of crazy bird lovers on the Parrot Posse page on Facebook!

I thank you, the Parrot Posse thanks you, and the parrots thank you!



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