Dedicated to Tony Sanchez, With Love and Gratitude

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Birds / Dedication / Friendship / Mentor / Photography

I believe we meet people for a reason.  I had the good fortune to meet the artist, Tony Sanchez during the 2012 AFA conference!

Little did I know the impact this man, his talent, his heart and his soul would have on my life!  The encouragement he has given me has pushed me to develop my talent as a photographer.  I can never thank him enough for his kindness and his passion and the beauty that he creates!

I dedicate these photographs to you, Tony Sanchez, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Beauty of Bald Head 1 Beauty of Bald Head 2 Beauty of Bald Head 3 Beauty of Bald Head 4 Beauty of Bald Head 6 Beauty of Bald Head 7 Beauty of Bald Head 8 Beauty of Bald Head 9 Beauty of Bald Head 10



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  1. Eternally grateful to you Janet for this extraordinary detail of dedicate me your wonderful photos!!! You have make me feel very happy!!! All the Best for you!!!

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