My Journey Continues…

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Birds / Mentor / Photography

Yesterday was a day filled with every emotion that I could imagine. I was given the honor and gift of learning. This was possibly the best gift I have ever received

My dear husband knew how much I wanted to learn the skills of a photographer. Anyone can pick up a camera and push a button, and with that push, create a photo. In order to create something more, I have come to realize that true photographic art is multi-dimensional. It takes a multitude of skills, a lot of talent and a great amount of desire. My journey began with the desire. My husband gave me the gift of time with a true genius and gentleman that possesses all three of the skills I mentioned, and much more. David Blevins has a gift that goes deeper than merely pointing the camera and coming up with a fantastic image.

I am now armed with knowledge I will learn to apply. It will take time, practice, dedication and determination. I am ready! Once I begin to master the knowledge David so kindly passed to me, I hope to capture what my heart sees.

The Student

I would like to introduce you to my teacher:

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