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Daily Prompt / DP Writing Challenge

So, I opened my email this morning, and saw this awesome challenge.  The world is going to end soon so I really want to make three changes in my life.  This challenge is pretty timely since I’ve been contemplating the changes I need to make for some time now.  It’s been kind of like that “itch” that you just can’t reach.  Something has been nagging at me, and I really need to listen!  So, here goes:  I’m throwing it all out there and now the world will know (or maybe just the three or four people who happen to read this)!

              I can’t make everyone happy.  There, I’ve said it and I’ve acknowledged it.  There is something in my genetic makeup that has always driven me to want to see those people around me happy.  I am on the cusp of grasping and accepting that the only person I can make happy is me!  When I can make me happy, then it seems that the rest of the people in my life are happy as well.

           I will find purpose in my existence.   I know that there’s a reason, a purpose and a path that I am supposed to follow.  I will take the time to slow down, breathe, listen and find and follow that path.

       I will wake up and smile every day!  I know this sounds like such a little thing, but I’ve seen the changes a smile can make. 

So, there it is.  If anyone bothers to read this they will probably just say “rubbish”, and if you do, that’s OK!  I plan on attacking these resolutions head on!   I also plan on reporting back on my progress.

I wish you a happy New Year’s and all the blessings that this life has to offer!


The Author

I am on a journey of discovery. One that involves discovering the world around me and discovering myself. I have found that using a camera is making this process of discovery much more enjoyable. I trust you will enjoy it as well. My passion for all animals knows no bounds, but it is the parrot that has caught my heart! I am now involved in a campaign to help bring parrots in the wild back into their normal existence! The Indonesian Parrot Project is first on my list, and with a little help from our friends we will bring the Abotti Cockatoo back into a full, strong life in their natural habitat.


  1. mojowatcher says

    So, straightforward, so simple yet so real. Smile is so powerful that spells the difference to make everyone happy. I like your sensibility. Thanks for reminding!

  2. Jane – I think they are bold and worthy resolutions. May your New Year also be full of peace, love, joy and abundance. And I’m looking forward to the beauty and insights you share in your blog. Cheers1

  3. Thank each of you for your kindness and thoughts! What a difference a few kind words make! You’ve further inspired me. Happy New Years All!

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