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Animal Abuse / Birds

Rest in peace sweet bird.....

What is happening to our world.  Rest well sweet soul…….


Several months ago I had the opportunity to spend time at the Flamingo Las Vegas.  It is a wonderful place if you love nature and animals.  They have the most beautiful sanctuary for birds of all types and needs.  The Flamingo has the best caretakers for these creatures.  No need is unmet, and they are given the best possible life.  Most are “rehomed” for various reasons, and need a safe haven to live out the remainder of their lives.  The Flamingo gave that to them.  I spent hours watching this guinea.  He was cool, elusive, and happy!

Until two young, stupid, evil law students from The University of California-Berkeley decided go wild.  They chased this poor Helmeted Guinea Fowl, and then beheaded it.  They were caught on tape, laughing, reveling in their evil deed.

I am sick.  I am disgusted.  I am almost without words.  How can anyone do such a thing?  How can anyone have such evil in his or her heart?  Further, how can they be allowed to continue seeking a law degree at the University of California-Berkeley?  Why are these “men” (and I use the term loosely” be allowed to walk free after committing such a horrendous crime?

We must speak out for the innocents, the old, the needy, the infirmed, and these creatures that need our help.  I hope you are as angry as I am.  I also hope that you choose to make your voice heard.

Please read more if you choose, as am attaching links for your review and information.






I trust you will share in my sorrow and outrage, and let the world know that, simply said…..This is wrong!!!!!



The Author

I am on a journey of discovery. One that involves discovering the world around me and discovering myself. I have found that using a camera is making this process of discovery much more enjoyable. I trust you will enjoy it as well. My passion for all animals knows no bounds, but it is the parrot that has caught my heart! I am now involved in a campaign to help bring parrots in the wild back into their normal existence! The Indonesian Parrot Project is first on my list, and with a little help from our friends we will bring the Abotti Cockatoo back into a full, strong life in their natural habitat.


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