Mission Surprise!!!!!

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My Mission:  A Happy Birthday for Cameron

I am a blessed and fortunate person.  The universe has given me the most amazing husband in the world!  Our brief marriage (12 years) has been an amazing journey, and he has given me the most precious gifts anyone could ever receive; love, happiness and support.

I look back on where we started, and where we are now and I am continually amazed.  He has fulfilled my life in ways I can never express.  He is always good to me, so I decided I wanted to give him a birthday he would never forget.

I embarked on planning something for him that was a series of surprises.  That alone was challenging because I am not good at keeping surprises!

Surprise 1 – Bring his beautiful daughter and son in-law for a visit before Cameron returned to work.  I managed to pull that off, and brought them here.  He had no clue and was so thrilled to have a few days with them.

Surprise 2 – Bring in our very dear friends to help us celebrate his birthday.  I spent the day dodging his questions as to why I was gone so long, and where I was.  I even had to turn my cell phone off so he couldn’t track me and see I was at the airport.  The plan was to have dinner with Brad and Kat and just enjoy family time.  I arranged to have Cameron meet us at the restaurant.  He was to come up with Brad, and meet Kat and I.  I picked our dear friends up at the airport, and off we went to the restaurant!  Momma called me when Cameron left the house, and Philip and Jean went to sit at the bar.  Enter Cameron, and we sat down for a lovely, quiet meal, or so he thought.  I looked at Cameron and said to him, doesn’t that couple at the bar look familiar.  Cameron glances over and said, no Janet, they don’t.  Sigh, what to do?  So, I said, they really look cool and I’d like to meet them.  Cameron…”just sit down Janet and let’s have a nice quiet meal.  EXACTLY HOW MUCH HAVE YOU HAD TO DRINK?”.  No, Cameron, I really want to meet them.  I think I’m going to go buy them a drink.  At this point, Cameron was getting a tad put out with me. Why can’t we just have a quiet meal”?  Exit Janet to the bar.  Cameron is close to getting angry with me, but he let me go.  Then, Philip walks up to Cameron, and the 2nd surprise began.  He and Jean totally had Cameron without words.  IT WORKED! Surprise #2  complete and we had a fantastic evening drinking, eating and dancing.

Surprise 3 – SURPRISE PARTY!!!!!!  We had planned on having dinner at our favorite Sushi restaurant with friends.  We were to be joined by a few friends, nothing special.  I feigned fatigue, and said why don’t you guys go to a movie, and just meet us at 6:30 for dinner.  GREAT!  Cameron really wanted to see the new Batman movie.  The ploy was working.  Then a text from Cameron, “movie starting late, need to push dinner back an hour”.  I was beyond disbelief.  Guests were to arrive by 6:00 and Cameron and group were to stroll in around 6:30.  30 or so people were going to be there, waiting.  I started furiously texting Cameron.  “I’m sorry honey, but we CAN’T push the reservations back”.  Lisa and Joe will not be able to make it for 7:30, as they had to get home early.  Silence, then, but…. but…. we will have to leave the movie early!  I’m sorry honey, but that is just how it is.  Either we eat at 6:30 or not at all.  “OK” was my return text.  I knew he was a bit upset with me, but always the sweetheart he gave in.

Enter Cameron…SURPRISE!!!!!

The surprise was complete, and we had an outstanding evening.  I even think he forgave me for making him leave the movie early!

I love you Cameron, and I hope this is one birthday you will NEVER forget!  I know I won’t!

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